Bit more from before

Again, just a few more images from around and about that I haven’t gotten around to finishing. More of a ‘something to do’ hobby project than an actually project, so at least here people can follow the [slow] progress. 

old stuff into new year

Just a few images from a sort of project that i’m sort of working on, but not with any great pace. Exploring simply where I live, and it’s identity as a conservative majority commuter town in conflict with my more liberal thinking and less traditional career based goals. 

As of yet I have shot more than what I have looked at, and I liked these a bit, so whether I get any feedback or not, or i’ll post them on social media for some feedback, we’ll see. It might just remain a more personal project for my own sake. 


Some people will have seen these images before. They were previously posted as the start of a project. I did not however manage to get back to continue with it. Unfortunately now, my grandmother has passed away - she was the resident in this care home, so I neither have access to continue, or feel that I am currently ready to continue working on a project such as this. The flower image with a green and orange background was shown as part of the Negative FB exhibition at the printspace in London though, so some single images have merit on their own.

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