Wagon goes to market

As I mentioned in October, such a long time ago now, I have been developing new work and getting back on the wagon. As part of the Grain/Format masterclass I have been producing my new project D.E.F.E which will be available to view soon - keep your eyes peeled.

Also, as part of this masterclass programme, or rather, as a result of it a group of us will be producing an exhibition alongside the Format International Photography Festival in Derby where I will be showing some of the D.E.F.E works.

Back on the wagon

This is my first blog post in quite a while… I have been busy, but also not so busy. Having been a participating artist in the Parallel Intersection program for emerging artists http://parallelplatform.org/curators/about/ and in a residency at the University of Wolverhampton I had kept myself busy. Also having had the pleasure of producing a few more commissions for FT magazine and the Telegraph magazine (with more released soon), whilst starting new work I had the workflow going.

This is the hardest bit. I burnt out. I didn’t have the usual burn out like many students do post-graduation, I managed to carry on producing and creating work. But then the wall hit me. I haven’t produced new work in quite a while and felt as though I had been a bit hard on myself. However, I think as a community of artists/photographers, both established and emerging (vague term I have learnt), we need to grow to accept that we sometimes needs to stop. Sometimes, not producing work is the best thing for mind and body, and we need to create more of a conversation about that. That being said, I have now taken enough time, and am back in the mindset to be making new work. 

I will now be utilising the New Art West-Midlands micro-bursary to produce a new body of work, with some other hopeful things happening in the pipeline, but all in my own time. 

I hope this brief set of words may in someway help open a discussion amongst ourselves about mental health in the art world and the pressure of production.

Bit more from before

Again, just a few more images from around and about that I haven’t gotten around to finishing. More of a ‘something to do’ hobby project than an actually project, so at least here people can follow the [slow] progress. 

Using Format