old stuff into new year

Just a few images from a sort of project that i’m sort of working on, but not with any great pace. Exploring simply where I live, and it’s identity as a conservative majority commuter town in conflict with my more liberal thinking and less traditional career based goals. 

As of yet I have shot more than what I have looked at, and I liked these a bit, so whether I get any feedback or not, or i’ll post them on social media for some feedback, we’ll see. It might just remain a more personal project for my own sake. 


Some people will have seen these images before. They were previously posted as the start of a project. I did not however manage to get back to continue with it. Unfortunately now, my grandmother has passed away - she was the resident in this care home, so I neither have access to continue, or feel that I am currently ready to continue working on a project such as this. The flower image with a green and orange background was shown as part of the Negative FB exhibition at the printspace in London though, so some single images have merit on their own.

old year, new year

NEW year.

Means relatively little. Just the end of the Christmas drinking and festivities and finally being able to get back to doing some proper work, especially in preparation for the Lithuania trip with The Parallel Intersection.

Hopefully i’ll be more active going forward, but here’s a few old ones I found on the hard-drive, from a few days trip in Antwerp whilst in second year of uni. This was also one of the first trips with my new camera at the time, the one that I used for the FT commission and one I continue to work with now. 

Next post should be a few new side things that i’m working on, but i need to find the files first….

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