This is one of the images from the Negative Feedback exhibition in London. The other 4 are part of potential series’ so i’m keeping them offline for now. 

New Things

It’s been quite busy since graduating. I had a group show in Derby, showing as part of the Divine Locale programme I showed my Stratus series which was great. 

I also had the joy of showing in part of the Negative Feedback first open show at the Printspace in London and got 5 images selected which was amazing.

I have recently had published this weekend gone, my editorial that I shot of Judith Kerr for FT weekend and it appears to have been well received. I couldn’t be happier about that, especially considering the anxiety that photographing people has often given me. 

I am now going forward as Artist in Residence at Wolverhampton University, and am embarking on a new international project.


It’s been a while since i’ve done much having been completing my degree work etc. Currently i’m packing up to move out so haven’t got much time to make new work. 

So here’s a selection of planes that I photographed over Kew Gardens when I visited earlier this year. The most repetitive and annoying thing about the day, it did start to warm to me though like Stockholm syndrome.

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