Brighton Photo Fringe

We, as a year group went to the Brighton Photo Fringe this year. My only comparable exhibition type event would be the international photography festival in Derby. Whilst it seems the Derby event has more bells and whistles, and potentially a “better” ‘main event space’, the overall quality of work at Brighton was high. There were a lot of pieces i was interested at looking at, and relatively close together as well. Great to grab a beer between venues and explore the town a little. 

Here’s a few shot’s that i took that almost have nothing to do with Brighton, except that’s where they were shot.

New Look

So i decided on a bit of a new look website.. lateral rather than vertical.. i think that’s what’s been irritating me for a while… 

Also, adding metadata to a few old images… i think i’ll do it first thing from now on…


PRESS ISSUE | TWO - ready and available, feautiring Mao Onoguchi from Tokyo

not looked after

Having a flick through my archive and finding some very unlooked after black and white photos. 

I think these were only test shots messing around at the time so thats probably why I didnt bother with them. Still a nice reminder just to have some fun at times and not take life so seriously. 

Using Format