Been a while

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Unfortunately. 

I’ve been working on Press Issue Two - coming soon. 

And some more projects looking at public privacy. There a few pieces floating around, but nothing finished yet.  Hopefully i’ll have something sorted in the near future. 

New walk, new ideas.

So having started repetitively walking along the Regents Canal through central London, today I walked as far as a felt like I wanted to in one trip. Turned out to be more than 9 miles. I also took my camera with me. Having previously produced a small body of work based on The New River, I am touching on the idea of documenting the canal.

Naturally I am drawn to water as a way of relaxing, and currently I have had a need to relax and be peaceful, walking also helps with this. 

This process had become a way of therapy with a potential set of photographs as an output at the ‘end’, it may be a continuous exploration. 

I cannot say for sure, but I will photograph as I go and see what develops. 

I also decided to FINALLY have a look over my first roll of film through my [then] new camera. Photographs from a walk on Hampstead Heath. I don’t think anything will come of them, but just putting them out there for people to see. But not as a finished project. Sometimes artists/photographers fear showing their build up to work or little snaps (or so it feels to me) but I think everybody can learn from seeing contact sheets, bad shoots, failed rolls and just unsuccessful work. 

New Auto

Having recently moved house it’s been a bit of time since i’ve done some auto photos. I think they’re an informative way of looking at how a person can respond to an area; what particular things in that area interest someone, but also what things within a person’s personality command attention to certain objects, colours or forms.

I intend to photograph with as little input as possible, hence using  disposable camera, but during the shooting process there is unconscious influence, and during the ‘editing’ process, there is a vague but inherent sense of attraction to certain images. Much more than that, at this point is negligible.

Using Format